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High Gloss Aquanamel

Godavri Paint’s High gloss Aquanamel is a superior water based interior / exterior grade enamel. When applied it gives a rich super sheen look to the walls which is the highest than any other emulsion paints and provides a tough and a durable film over the substrate. Modified with Super high quality acrylic binders and other performance additives it gives the substrate a good stain resistance, smooth high sheen rich look which is durable, fungus free and has a good color retention with non yellowing properties.

Available packing sizes


Based on Acrylic Emulsion

Excellent Anti fungal Properties

High Sheen

HIgh Washability

Low VOC Content

High Color Retention

Ease of fast Recoatability

High Coverage

Films Last longer than other Emulsion paints

Low odor

Non Yellowing

Lead free

Eco friendly

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